Tangshan Sunrise New Product Design Bathroom Furniture Elegant Art, Lighting Up Bathroom Aesthetics

Post time: Feb-21-2022

The design concept is to follow the consistent minimalist design style, bright and transparent space, with streamer lines, to convey a quiet and comfortable bathroom atmosphere. The power of simplicity is direct to the hearts of the people, witnessing the extraordinary charm of minimalist bathroom and the admiration and love of urban people for minimalist bathroom.

Although the bathroom is a private place in the home space, it can also be built into an aesthetic space of elegant art, improve sensory experience and highlight unique taste.


When the innovative design inspiration is integrated with the functions of pioneer craftsmanship, it will bring unique sensory experience.

The designer combines minimalist art with craftsmanship to build a dialogue with light. Each side of the bathroom furniture is light, luxurious and exquisite. With square and powerful artistic design and calm and correct aesthetic attitude, it shows the true color of a gentleman and brings an extraordinary bathroom experience.


In home decoration, the choice of style determines the direct feeling of space. As the first large piece of bathroom furniture, it is easy to tangle between decoration style and economy and practicality. SUNRISE bathroom series, a variety of sizes, taking into account the appearance and performance of new products, will live up to expectations.


SUNRISE bathroom sanitary ware series adopts simulated solid wood finish, with smooth and delicate hand feeling, as if it touched the lines of natural trees, beautiful and fashionable appearance, giving people a quiet and beautiful visual enjoyment like drizzle and gurgling streams.

In recent years, due to the endless emergence of rooms with various house types and decoration styles, the public pursue personalization and uniqueness in the construction of home space, so they launch products specially designed for these people. customized furniture brings more home decoration to consumers for the possibility of exclusive solutions, environmental friendly and durable materials are used, and the customized size accurate to 1cm is used to break the house type restrictions. You can also choose your favorite materials and colors according to your own needs, solve various challenges encountered in decoration, and outline the ideal unlimited bathroom at your heart!


SUNRISE ceramic sanitary ware series enjoys a high reputation for its fashionable design and highend quality, and always believes in the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection,Provide high-quality bathroom life for families at home and abroad.

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