The Cabinet Basin Of Sunrise Series, Showing The Beauty Of Simplicity

Post time: Feb-21-2022

SUNRISE ceramic series has an extraordinary reputation for its trendy design and highend quality. Always firmly believe in the concept of green and environmental protection, and provide highend quality bathroom life for families all over the world. Although the bathroom is a more private place in the home space, it can also be built into an aesthetic space of elegant art, improve sensory experience, highlight unique taste, and walk between square inches, showing the beauty of simplicity. The bathroom is the place where people go in and out most frequently in the morning and night, and a simple and beautiful bathroom cabinet with super storage can make the daily grooming easy and comfortable. SUNRISE bathroom furniture unlocks every refreshing morning for you.


SUNRISE series bathroom furniture has a square and powerful artistic design and a calm and correct aesthetic attitude. The dry and clean cabinet and basin makes people feel bright. The embedded design combines the cabinet basin with the cabinet body, so you can collect items and complete washing without walking; The basin covers the table surface, which can not only arrange green plants, but also place mouthwash cups and other toiletries; The large and deep basin bottom design can also be used to wash sweaters and other items in addition to daily washing, showing the true color of a gentleman and bringing an extraordinary bathroom experience.


The white and smooth ceramic cabinet basin makes daily cleaning easy. Just wipe it gently, and the cabinet basin can be as bright and clean as new; The four side water retaining design prevents water splashing, and the bathroom space is cleaner and refreshing. The oversized square ceramic basin is embedded in the cabinet, saving the bathroom space; The basin covers the whole table, and toothpaste, toothbrush and other items can be placed at hand to facilitate the next wash; The arcshaped basin bottom speeds up the sewage discharge speed, makes it easier to use, and has higher washing efficiency. The ultrathin ceramic smooth surface makes daily cleaning effortless.


Integrated ceramic basin, beautiful, easy to clean, high depth, no cracking, showing texture; Deepen and widen the basin bladder, large capacity and more practical. Cabinet basin is the most frequently used part of the bathroom, and people often have different needs for cabinet basin. The cabinet basin of SUNRISE series bathroom furniture is large and deep, and the four side water retaining design can effectively prevent water splashing, making it easier and comfortable to use. The arcshaped basin bottom is designed with internal and external rounded corners, which is safe and beautiful, atmospheric and elegant.

In the process of cleaning the bathroom, the cleaning of the basin can not be ignored. The traditional column basin has gaps that are difficult to clean. SUNRISE bathroom furniture integrates the basin with the bathroom cabinet. The embedded basin can effectively protect the basin and prolong its service life.

SUNRISE bathroom furniture is modern and simple, square and elegant, showing the style, creating a comfortable, clean and highend bathroom space, giving you a comfortable bathroom experience.


Sufficient space for bathroom furniture can make the bathroom cleaner. The large cabinet of SUNRISE bathroom furniture has sufficient internal space, which can place towels, large bottles of bath products, etc. or storage baskets, so as to facilitate the detailed storage and sorting of bathroom products and keep the products away from the trouble of extrusion and damage.

It is a happy thing that there is a large storage space and items can be taken and placed easily. SUNRISE bathroom furniture combines mirrors with lockers. Some private bath supplies and bathroom reserve supplies can be placed in the mirror cabinet. Open parts are set on both sides of the mirror, which can not only decorate green plants, but also place cosmetics, mouthwash cups and other common items, which can be easily obtained by raising your hand.

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