how do tankless toilets work

Post time: Mar-25-2024

Tankless toilets, as the name suggests, operate without a traditional water tank. Instead, they rely on a direct connection to a water supply line that provides sufficient pressure for flushing. Here's an overview of how they work:

Principle of Operation
Direct Water Supply Line: Tankless toilets are connected directly to a plumbing line that can supply a large volume of water quickly. This is in contrast to traditional tank toilets, where water is stored in the tank and released during flushing.

High-Pressure Flush: When the flush is activated, water is released directly from the supply line at a higher pressure compared to tank toilets. This high-pressure water is efficient at clearing the bowl contents and requires less water per flush.

Electric or Pressure-Assisted Mechanisms: Some tankless Commode Toilet use electric pumps to boost the water pressure, especially in buildings where the existing plumbing does not provide sufficient pressure. Others may use a pressure-assisted mechanism, which uses air pressure to increase flushing efficiency.

Space Saving: Since there's no tank, these toilets take up less space, making them ideal for small bathrooms or commercial settings where space is a premium.
Water Efficiency: They can be more water-efficient, as they are designed to use water more effectively and can be adjusted to use just the necessary amount of water for each flush.
Lower Risk of Leaks: Without a tank, the risk of leaks associated with a traditional toilet's flapper and fill valve is eliminated.
Modern Design: Tankless toilets Toilet Set often have a sleek, modern design, making them attractive for contemporary bathroom styles.
Considerations for Installation and Use
Water Pressure Requirements: A key consideration is ensuring that the building’s plumbing system can provide the necessary water pressure. Inadequate pressure may require the installation of an electric pump.
Electrical Requirements: If the toilet uses an electric pump or has other electronic features (like a bidet or heated seat), it will require an electrical outlet near the toilet.
Cost: Tankless Flush Toilet are generally more expensive than traditional models, both in terms of initial cost and installation.
Maintenance: While they have fewer issues with leaks, repairs and maintenance might require a professional, especially for models with electrical components.
Tankless toilets Toilet Bowl are particularly popular in commercial settings and are increasingly being used in residential buildings, especially in modern homes and renovations where space saving and design are key considerations.


Bathroom design scheme

Choose the Traditional Bathroom
Suite for some classic period styling

This suite comprises an elegant pedestal sink and traditionally designed toilet complete with soft close seat. Their vintage appearance is bolstered by high quality manufacturing made from exceptionally hardwearing ceramic, your bathroom will look timeless and refined for years to come.

Product display

Catalogue toilet
Catalogue toilet (2)
CFT20H+CFS20 (5)toilet
CFT20H+CFS20 (6)
Model Number CFT20H+CFS20
Installation Type Floor Mounted
Structure Two Piece(Toilet)& Full Pedestal (Basin)
Design Style Traditional
Type Dual-Flush(Toilet) & Single Hole(Basin)
Advantages Professional Services
Package Carton Packing
Payment TT, 30% deposit in advance,balance against B/L copy
Delivery time Within 45-60 days after received the deposit
Application Hotel/office/apartment
Brand Name Sunrise

product feature




High efficiency flushing
system, whirlpool strong
flushing, take everything
away without dead corner

Remove cover plate

Quickly remove cover plate

Easy installation
easy disassembly
and convenient design

Slow descent design

Slow lowering of cover plate

The cover plate is
slowly lowered and
damped to calm down


The mainly export countries

The product export to all of the world
Europe, USA, Middle-East
Korea, Africa, Australia

product process


1. What's the production capacity of production line?

1800 sets for toilet and basins per day.

2. What is your terms of payment?

T/T 30% as deposit,and 70% before delivery.

We will show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.

3. What package/packing do you provide?

We accept OEM for our customer, the package can be designed for customers' willing.
Strong 5 layers carton filled with foam, standard export packing for shipping requirement.

4. Do you provide OEM or ODM service?

Yes,we can do OEM with your own logo design printed on the product or carton.
For ODM,our requirement is 200 pcs per month per model.

5.  What are your terms for being your sole agent or distributor?

We would require a minimum order quantity for 3*40HQ - 5*40HQ containers per month.

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