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Post time: Mar-26-2024

A smart toilet is an advanced bathroom fixture that incorporates technology to enhance comfort, hygiene, and user experience. It goes beyond the basic functionality of traditional toilets by integrating various high-tech features. Here's a breakdown of what a smart toilet typically offers:

Key Features of Smart Toilets Tankless Toilet
Automated Flushing: Smart WC 1 Piece Toilet can automatically flush when you stand up or wave your hand over a sensor, reducing the need for physical contact.

Bidet and Wash Functions: Many models include a built-in bidet system with adjustable water temperature and pressure, providing a more hygienic and gentle cleaning than toilet paper.

Heated Seating: They often feature a heated seat, which can be particularly comforting in colder climates or during winter months.

Air Dryer: An integrated warm air dryer provides an alternative to toilet paper, offering a hands-free drying solution after using the bidet function.

Deodorizing System: Smart toilets can automatically deodorize the air in the toilet bowl, helping to keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

Night Lights: Built-in LED lights can illuminate the Toilet Commode or the path to it, making nighttime bathroom trips safer and more convenient.

Self-Cleaning Functions: Some models come with self-cleaning features like UV light sanitation or electrolyzed water systems to maintain cleanliness without manual scrubbing.

Health Monitoring: More advanced models might include health monitoring features, such as analyzing waste to provide data on various health metrics.

Remote Control or App Integration: Many smart intelligent toilet can be controlled via a remote control or a smartphone app, allowing users to personalize and save their preferences.

Water Efficiency: Smart toilets often use less water per flush compared to traditional toilets, contributing to water conservation efforts.

Benefits and Considerations
Hygiene and Comfort: The combination of bidet functions, air drying, and automated flushing contributes to a more hygienic and comfortable experience.
Accessibility: For individuals with mobility issues, the hands-free features of a smart toilet can be particularly beneficial.
Environmental Impact: Reduced toilet paper use and efficient water usage are environmentally friendly aspects of smart toilets.
Cost and Installation: Smart toilets are significantly more expensive than standard toilets. Installation may also require additional electrical and plumbing work.
Maintenance: While many smart toilets are designed for easy cleaning, repairing advanced features might require specialized service.
Smart toilets represent a significant step forward in terms of bathroom technology, offering enhanced hygiene, comfort, and potentially environmental benefits. They are well-suited for those willing to invest in a more luxurious and tech-forward bathroom experience. As technology advances, these features may become more common and accessible in average households.


Bathroom design scheme

Choose the Traditional Bathroom
Suite for some classic period styling

This suite comprises an elegant pedestal sink and traditionally designed toilet complete with soft close seat. Their vintage appearance is bolstered by high quality manufacturing made from exceptionally hardwearing ceramic, your bathroom will look timeless and refined for years to come.

Product display

Catalogue toilet (3)
Catalogue toilet (4)
CFT20V+CFS20 (8)
CFT20V+CFS20 (7)

product feature




High efficiency flushing
system, whirlpool strong
flushing, take everything
away without dead corner

Remove cover plate

Quickly remove cover plate

Easy installation
easy disassembly
and convenient design

Slow descent design

Slow lowering of cover plate

The cover plate is
slowly lowered and
damped to calm down


The mainly export countries

The product export to all of the world
Europe, USA, Middle-East
Korea, Africa, Australia

product process


1. What's the production capacity of production line?

1800 sets for toilet and basins per day.

2. What is your terms of payment?

T/T 30% as deposit,and 70% before delivery.

We will show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.

3. What package/packing do you provide?

We accept OEM for our customer, the package can be designed for customers' willing.
Strong 5 layers carton filled with foam, standard export packing for shipping requirement.

4. Do you provide OEM or ODM service?

Yes,we can do OEM with your own logo design printed on the product or carton.
For ODM,our requirement is 200 pcs per month per model.

5.  What are your terms for being your sole agent or distributor?

We would require a minimum order quantity for 3*40HQ - 5*40HQ containers per month.

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